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Mamie Gummer | BVLGARI - Save The Children ()

Top Picture: Peter Van Slyck and Meryl Streep rehearse in the O’Neill Ampitheater.

Bottom Picture: Meryl Streep, director Hal Scott, Joel Brooks, Ben Masters and Edith Oliver read “The Spelling Bee” by Marsha Sheiness in 1975.

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Meryl Streep | Master Class, 2014 ()

Speechless… ???

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Meryl Streep, 2014 ()

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Meryl Streep, 1976

Meryl Streep | IU Cinema Q&A, 2014 ()

Meryl Streep Receives IU Honorary Degree, 2014 ()

Meryl Streep Receives IU Honorary Degree, 2014 ()