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Meryl Streep | 1998 ()

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Meryl Streep & Justin Henry | Kramer vs. Kramer, 1979

Anonymous asked:
is meryl going to be in italy for that film festival this month? I neeeeeed to know because i'm wanna stalk her yeah (Y)

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Meryl Streep | The Giver - B-Roll, 2014 ()

Meryl Streep | The Giver - B-Roll, 2014 ()

Meryl Streep | 2014

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Hi, it’s okay, I know people want to know, but I never made a secret out of it. It has been explained right over here: Link

Hey. I’d say yes. She often talks about feminism, but I think the last time she actually said that she is one was in her tribute to Emma Thompson this year: “And I’m going to read it here in Emma’s tribute because I know it will tickle our honoree, because she’s also a rabid, man eating feminist, like I am.” ;)

Just Meryl Streep doing a cartwheel at the age of 52 ()

Sorry, couldn’t find one. But usually AFI uploads all speeches to their YT Channel. It might just take a while…

?? You’re welcome?!

Had to look it up since I’m not following that account. Here’s the original - looks like it’s from 2008 when she was promoting Mamma Mia.

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Happy Birthday, Meryl!

  • June 22, 1949